Sustainable engineering

      We seek not only to build infrastructure but a legacy of sustainability.


Creative plans leading to innovative solutions.
Let us plan for a better today, to ensure for a better tomorrow.

Process of designing systems such that they use energy and resources sustainably at a rate that does not compromise the natural environment.

Green Engineering: 

Encompasses numerous ways to improve technologies, processes and designs to make them more efficient and beneficial from an ecological & sustainable standpoint. Our approaches in design consider impacts in place and space over time. We are committed to finding a relationship between scale, proportion and order.

We seek to design solutions that protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural ecosystems.  

Scala's key commitments:



  • Water supply
  • Sanitation and waste management
  • Energy
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Bio-diversity positive or neutral impacts of natural resources
  • Cleaning up polluted waste sites. (Reclamation of brownfield site)
  • Minimize and responsibly dispose of by-products of development Rock soils waste.
  • Improving construction processes to eliminate waste and reduce consumption
  • Green infrastructure for sustainable storm water management.




3 R's in Scala's civil design

The more we can reduce our overall consumption and, development footprint, the less we will need to reuse and recycle. we replace previous areas -grass, forest-brush etc- with impervious areas (asphalt, concrete roofs) to increase surface temperatures while reducing biodiversity, groundwater recharge, and natural systems.


  • Reuse previously developed sites 
  • Preserving a green field site that would be used for your project 
  • Take advantage of existing infrastructure and  limit the impact associated with transportation to a more remote site.
  • Rather than working against natural features, we should concentrate on REUSING them for the benefit of the site.
  • Improving and reusing an existing wetland for storm water management or using existing tree canopy to shade buildings and hardscapes.
  • If there is an existing farm pond, road or parking lot on site, we REUSE those features Doing this eliminates demolition waste and saves on raw materials, and labour, and costs associated with rebuilding them.

Recycled asphalt pavement, fly ash replacement in concrete and recycled rubber and plastic as well as reducing new raw material extraction and energy. Storm water: Storm water can be captured and rehabilitated for gray water systems in buildings, irrigation, fire protection or habitat creation and restoration.


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SCALA Developments  AWARD WINNING  HOMES  2018-2019
 ""Our 2019 Award finalists and winners are leaders in our industry, and we are all very proud of what they have achieved in showcasing our industry. They represent the best-of-the-best. 
Nathan Stone 
                                                                                                            CHBO Director
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