Seeking Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Developers  Rule number one!

The land has to be purchased at a price that allows you to make a commercial profit right from the start.

A process from the concept to the market

Find the key steps to a successful investment 

Pre-approvalFeasibilityConceptSelectEngage advisorsAcquisitionFinal conceptConstructionCompletion
  • Understand your financial limitations
  • Understand mortgage and bank payment policies.
  • Consider contingency amount.
  • Investigate properties, look for communities, check statistics, trends, predictions, and demographics.
  • Check site restrictions & urban planning regulations.
  • Understand timeline to obtain permits and licenses.
  • Verify if the land has zoning or rezoning options
  • Estimate purchase range.
  • Decide the type of development : Single home, condo.
  • Size, number of units.
  • Consider your target market and competitors.
  • Conceptual site layout
  • Establish a decision criteria.
  • Consider your project specifications.
  • Utility infrastructure.
  • Evaluate structural problems, slopes, orientation, vehicle access etc.
  • Rank land versus project criteria.
  • Make selection.
Urban planer, engineer and local authorities
  • Review financial evaluations.
  • Incentives for negotiation goals.
  • Set a maximum price for the land.
  • Make sure you make a”commercial profit” just with the land purchase.
  • Choose a team.
  • First set of design prints.
  • Architect and engineers working together.
  • Requirement of  Soil, structural, and civil expertise.
  • Prepare the site.
  • Follow up on the construction process – link to homebuilders process.
Scala has not only the expertise but the machinery and equipment to help you to optimize your resources.
  • Decide to make a quick profit by selling
  • Keep the development as an investment

Scala integrated services will walk with you through the whole process

”When we have had the opportunity to plan, design and execute the full project, we have always provided significant savings for the investors and for the buyers”

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