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Learn about Scala’s process from design concept to the market.

FeasibilityAdjustmentsConcept DesignConstructionCompletion
  • Familiar with the municipal urban planning regulations
  • Market research to understand trends, competition, constraints and opportunities
  • Building and development permits
  • Property restrictions/requirements to develop in a specific neighbourhood or area.
  • Land Use and Density Regulations

Scala has a planning division that takes the lead for this first stage, includes engineering and surveying considerations;

  • Assess the risk of structural or geo-technical problems that can be costly
  • Incorporate street scape features, orientation, land contours, vehicle access, trees, etc.
  • Get the green light - development approval and permits - realistic timelines for planning your loan or investment

It is critical to have the advice of experienced professionals. Scala has the team necessary to integrate planning with engineering and architectural considerations.

  • Choose your team – Engineers, Architects, Planners & Project Managers
  • Our surveyor will prepare a plan for your land.
  • Create a budget estimate – design, landscape, construction.
  • Create a conceptual layout
  • Determine orientation and best view and privacy locations
  • Prints first set of plans
  • Architects and engineers working together to complete the project on paper, then on the land

Scala's Integrated services will allow you to minimize extra costs by aligning the architectural design concepts with the complexity and constraints as identified by the engineers and surveyors.

  • A requirement of soil, structural, and civil engineers expertise.
  • Plan for unexpected delays
  • Prepare the site
  • Follow up with the construction process – link to the homebuilders’ process

Scala has not only the expertise but the machinery and equipment to help you optimize your resources; we don't need to rent machinery and charge you for the expense.

  • Decide to make a profit by selling quickly
  • Keep the development as a rental investment
  • Maximize your profit either way

The last thing you want is for your property to be completed and sitting empty and costing you money due to slow sales. Take your vision to the next level Early market research can minimize the risks. Scala is one of the few companies who offer property development from the first steps all the way through to selling the completed dwellings to the buyers. The advantages are the integration and unification of purpose within a single vision.

Land owner strategic alternatives


Option Agreement

Landowner approached by an investor or by a developer.
– Developer looking to maximize the developable areas of the land applies for the planning permission at their own cost.
– They persuade the owners to sell in one transaction at a fair discount to the land market value.
– The advantage of the landowner is having a third party bearing initial risks and costs.
– The Disadvantage is the loss of control over the land while the option agreement is in place.
– The land is tied up for the duration of the option agreement.


Promotion Agreement
Landowner and the promoter work together to promote the land:

– Can be established between the landowner and the promoter, not necessarily a developer.  
– The promoter assesses the suitability of the property, produces plans, check viability with the local authority and gets planning permissions, to direct the landowner to sell the site.
– The cost and risk of promoting the land are absorbed by the promoter but repay when the land is sold to the investor at a minimum price previously stipulated. 
– Landowners cannot sell the land during the promotion agreement. 

Hybrid Agreement
Blend of the two contracts between developers and promoters.

Developer willing to build a set number of houses on a large site, with the option to buy at a discount but will promote the rest of the land.
– Promoters and Developers will pay legal and property agents’ fees for dealing with the negotiation. 
– They pay up-front to the landowner for entry into the agreement.
– There is a minimum land price per net developable acre. If the market is not in a good position, the freezer clause can be in place to prevent the land to be sold until the market recovers. 
– Deductible costs are often capped. The promoter gets a promotion fee.

Joint Venture

Get ready to develop the property yourself throughout a partnership with a builder company.
– Attractive proposition for Landowners, who provides the land and the developer gives their expertise in obtaining planning and the execution of the development. Increase capital base. More access to capital, higher bargaining power.
– The J.V can provide partial liquidity for landowners without having to sell the entire landShared risks and gains.
– Preferred returns to ensure that if the project doesn’t materialize, the landowner doesn’t lose the value of their land.

Property Development Regulations

Victoria, BC
Nanaimo, BC
Duncan, BC
Campbell River BC
Parksville, BC
Vancouver, BC
Comox Valley, BC
Whisler, BC


Scala's Integrated Services will walk with you through the whole process



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