Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay is a new waterfront community, located 35 minutes west of Victoria BC.  In addition to the planned 600 homes, this development will feature a Town Centre with shops, restaurants, cafes, and office space, as well as a world-class destination spa on the waterfront; with cascading hot spring pools, filled with heated sea water, along with the craggy shoreline.

Scala is eager to work on projects such as Spirit Bay; projects that are aware of the importance of reinforcing communities awareness and prioritizing sustainability, from houses heated by ocean-thermal energy to narrow roadways that emphasize pedestrians over drivers.

Scala Developments had the privilege of using the Integrated Design-Build (IDB) model working as a team with Spirit Bay since the beginning of the project. The development will be a multi-phase, mixed-use development built over the next 10 years.

Working as a team. Designing dreams.  Planning communities. Building innovation




Scala Developments is honored to be part of this project, in partnership with The Trust for Sustainable Development and The Sc’ianew (Cheanuh) First Nations’ community at Beecher Bay. 


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