• Elkington Forest
  • Elkington Forest
  • Elkington Forest
  • Elkington Forest
  • Elkington Forest
  • Elkington Forest

Elkington Forest

830 m2

Canada, shawnigan lake


A planned eco-forestry community, where 85% of the land base has been preserved in perpetuity as mature second-growth, FSC certified eco-forest. The remaining 15% or approximately 150 acres was zoned and partially subdivided into 97 residential lots and about 20 commercial and eco-industrial lots. The residential areas were clustered into three hamlets, in more of a European style, as designed by Jeff Speck, Ayrie Cunliffe, and Doug Makaroff.  Ari Cota and Scala managed the design and the installation of underground infrastructure and oversaw construction of the show homes, prior to the re-financing and change in corporate ownership.

Sustainability and eco-based forestry:

  1. Wetlands and ponds to assist with water management
  2. Sustainable timber harvests using small cut patches
  3. Narrow access roads that follow the natural contours
  4. Improved uses of the small woods left after the big trees are felled
  5. Progressive storm, and wastewater management using tertiary level treatment

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