We have a story


Doug and Ari and their respective families had moved temporarily to Phoenix Arizona, to work at the headquarters for the Loreto Bay development. Planners and Engineers tend to think differently from each other, (and often they don’t get along), but somehow the integration of the two disciplines resulted in a design and layout for Loreto Bay Resort, that was both, efficient and beautiful.  Ari and Doug realized that someday they would like to work together on their own projects.

 A few years later they both moved their families to Victoria, BC, and did just that. After acquiring design and construction experience in three countries we found an opportunity in the Canadian market for building a company that focuses on transparent partnerships with customers. Scala eliminates unnecessary expenses and construction fees and provides value-engineered services at fair prices.

Our Mission is to provide excellent Customer Service through Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, and Sustainability.

              D E S I G N    A N D    B U I L D 

Owner, architects, engineers, planners, builders, project manager, and subcontractors in ONE open collaboration team

  • Predictable processes that minimize errors, design problems, and change orders.
  • Agreements between architects and engineers, at less operational cost.
  • Efficient communication channels  with a single point of contact.
  • Ability to customize site conditions   and as-built drawings if necessary.
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