Loreto Bay

A seaside community centred around the local wharf.  The village is home to a general store, outfitter, post office, a handful of very tasty cafes, two pubs, and a smattering of small operations aimed at servicing visitors to the great outdoors.
SCALA Participated in this exiting Tri-point properties Project, working along with other consultants on the Project Management, Design Coordination, and Construction Management.
The Villages of Loreto Bay were constructed of adobe, compressed earth blocks that were a traditional building material.
The Company evolved to become the world’s largest user of Rastra, a recycled styrofoam and concrete system which cut heating and cooling costs by 60%”. All designed in courtyard-style architecture.
 Phase II, Agua Viva, right along the Sea of Cortés with a vibrant confluence of human habitation and a series of regenerated estuaries.
Built from  2003 to 2010
Development area: 3,200 Acres
Houses: 6,000
Type: Villages, Golf course, beach custom homes
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