Architectural Technology

Wireframe of building

Technology changed the industry

Technology is evolving impacting design and construction industries more than ever.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) files have replaced the traditional CAD drawings so that physical location is no longer a limitation.

Scala has purchased software, licenses, computers, IT solutions and has trained employees to keep up with the new digital process of production. To us, customer experience is one of the most important factors for a successful digital construction process, and connectivity, speed, and collaboration are the new rules of the game.

Architecture background. Perspective 3d Wireframe of building design and model my own

Optimize your resources, maximize the benefits

On-time delivery provides efficiency and safety

Reduce your variants and save

  • Less risk premium
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Accurately schedules 
computer with architecture software on screen at modern office 3d rendering

 Closer collaboration with contractors leads to:

  • Showing hazards before they become problems
  • Visualize physical risks
  • Planning site logistics
Close up of civil male engineer asian working on blueprint architectural project at construction site at desk in office.

The project will include

  • Aerial imagery
  • Digital elevations
  • Laser scans of existing infrastructure
Constructions site collage of a new building with virtual display controls

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