How long does it take to construct a house?

This is one of the most common questions about building a custom home. When the final plans are available and the land has been purchased, we will build your home within 6 months and guarantee the closing date upon signing.

Can you build a Custom house on my lot?

Building a custom home based on your set of plans is a big part of what we do.  We also offer an Integrated Design-Build process, so that our design team working with the input of our construction foremen will design the perfect home for your lot.  

How many years have you been in business?
Scala has been operating as a company for six years. But Ari and Doug have been building together since 2004.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. We get every trade involved in bidding their part of the project. We then add our operational cost 12%  to the mix and put it altogether clear and transparent in a written document. This gives you an accurate and complete bid to consider and compare. There won’t be hidden costs our goal is to be open, fair, and complete during the whole process.  

Can you provide me with references I can contact?
Yes, we are lucky enough to have all our clients willing to provide references upon request. We have testimonials on our web page, you can contact us, and we can refer you to our customers.

Do you have your BC Residential Builders’ License?
Yes, our license number is 41191

What kind of warranty will I get with my home?
We provide a Pacific New Home Warranty which will cover your home for ten years for structural defects, two years for mechanical systems, and one year for materials & labour.
We also offer the Walkthrough at occupancy and cleaning up of deficiencies/concerns need it. We provide a first year-end review and repair/remediation.  

Will you assist me in the selection of finishes for my home?
We have an interior designer option in the company, but we can also help to guide you to the best choices according to your budget and your preferences.

I need to feel confident that you will keep within my budget – how will you do this?
We present a final budget before the contract is signed, and unless you request changes, the budget will be followed as agreed.

What is your Quality Assurance process throughout the build?

We have the services of an external inspector to make sure everything is according to the Code. We base our Quality standards according to the Pacific New Home Warranty specifications.

Can I choose any or all of my subcontractors?
We, as with the majority of builders,  spend years selecting subcontractors to build a team of people we know will do a good job and with whom we have negotiated unit pricing for multiple jobs.   We can provide you with a list of sub-contractors we use, and you can research them individually.  If you do have a specific sub-contractor that you want to use you can tell us before any contracts are signed as that may affect the finish deadline or final cost.

How do you handle change orders?
While we hope to address most issues and questions before signing the Custom Home Construction Contract, on occasion, owners request additional Extras and Upgrades. These requests must be handled through the Scala Change Order Request and Change Order Approval process. The signing off on the Change Order Approval and the payment for the Change Orders must be made before Phase Five: Lockup.  Any Change Orders Requests initiated after Lockup will have to be addressed as a separate contract following occupancy of the home.

If there are increases in materials or labor costs, will you let me know the amount immediately?
As the project progresses, the costs of specific products or services may increase from the original budget because at the time of the estimation vendors and trades most likely provided estimated prices.  Or a particular phase of the project may take longer than expected.  However, we will respect the prices we agreed to within the Contract so you can plan your budget and we will stick to it.

How many homes do you currently have under construction?  Are you going to be able to monitor the development of my house closely?
It is typical that we may have multiple projects going on at the same time.  Which, far from being a problem, is an advantage in terms of the economies of scale, volumes, and costs. We do have a plan in place to manage all the work. You can also meet with the project manager for your project who will adapt to your expectations with regards to communication and updates.  

During construction, how often should I expect updates from you?
We send updates of the project when every milestone is achieved: Foundation and Framing, Lock-up, Interior and Exterior work, and Completion. However, during the construction, we can have on-site meetings with the owner weekly, in addition to phone conversations whenever is necessary. 

 I plan to be on the construction site often.  Is this a problem?
You can stop by the construction site to check on the progress of your home. We want you to know as much about your home as we do, and we hold, weekly meeting with homeowners on-site to keep the communication open and flowing. However, you must let us know ahead when are you planning to come so that we can be ready for you and provide you with Personal Protection Equipment, and inform our workers for security reasons. Your safety is our priority, knowing in advance will help us plan to avoid any risk during your visit. 





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