Home Builders

Let us help you to maximize your resources and optimize your budget

Why Scala Developments?

  • Our in-house service gives the right price the first time.
  • Real-time construction logistics.
  • Measures quality control with a specific process.
  • The IDB system optimizes your resources and maximizes the value of your home.
  • Single point of customer contact and accountability from conception to delivery.
  • Guaranteed building price is written in the contract.
  • Scala will integrate all services to move forward with speed, certainty, and efficiency.
  • Because we have many customers ready to share their experience. 
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Scala will give you a time frame for each stage


Customer building proces emotional stages

Building a house is a stressful and confusing process for homeowners, some times the decisions in selections can be overwhelming for many customers. Industry author David Lupberger has generated a graph illustrating the highs and lows of the experience called The Homeowner’s Emotional Roller Coaster. Scala Developments recognizes a winner project is not just about the design, quality & efficiency in the construction; it’s about client experience during the whole process.

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